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Case Study I: Developing a Systematic Programme- focused Assessment and Feedback Strategy

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

The following is a review of a case study undertaking as part of my Cert. in Teaching and Learning.

I think this case study proved very useful in getting students involved in their own learning and assessment. Firstly the learning outcomes were audited and documented. Then all stakeholders (educators, admin and students) were involved in deciding on the variety of assessment types and which ones should be tied to which learning outcomes. Then all staff and students were trained extensively in how to create and design assessments and how feedback would be given and the final stage was quality assurance.

Involving the students like this seems to appeal to the students from the earlier youtube video clip. It gives them ownership of not only the course material, but how it is covered, how they are assessed and how they will receive feedback. The students know what to expect, and the teacher knows that the students are happy with the learning processes.

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