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After my first degree in IT, and many unfulfilling years working in the IT industry, I decided to travel the world with my wife Olivia. After this once in a lifetime journey, I decided I should try to get into a career I would enjoy, and chose to return to college to study Mechanical Engineering.


After my primary degree in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, I continued my studies, completing a PhD in the three years after my undergrad. After my PhD, I worked as a materials engineering postdoc researcher in UCD for a year. My interests have always gravitated toward the field of Biomedical Engineering, and I worked for three years as an IRC postdoctoral fellow in NUI Galway. After this, I was delighted to secure a research position in the MET Gateway Research Centre in GMIT. I get the opportunity to put my research into my lessons for many of the lectures I give in GMIT.

My family and I are enjoying life in the West of Ireland, which also gives me a chance to indulge another passion of mine - surfing.

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